Rosa M.
Fullerton, CA

"Very happy with the job they did. I won't go anywhere else, but here. They shape my eyebrows so well. I can't use wax  because I have sensitive skin, so I must get my eyebrows threaded. So worth it!"

sarah d.
Placentia, CA
"Carrie is the best waxer, a hidden jem in a strip mall salon.  Normally I would be hesitant to frequent a salon that offered such great deals but the waxing by Carrie is top notch.   Everyone is friendly in the salon, my appointments have always been kept and Carrie is quite prompt and professional."

Swapna M.
Placentia, CA

"This review is really only for Rhonda who did my Brazilian wax...She is GREAT. I was a bit apprehensive... since it was my first time. But Rhonda chatted it up and kept me pretty distracted from thinking about the pain to come.... BUT there was NO PAIN....  I can honestly say, it didn't really hurt... It was more of an annoying or irritating feeling than pain...(Granted I went in thinking it was going to be horrible pain where I'd have to scream out loud.)  I know other reviewers mentioned their dissatisfaction with the use of only SOFT wax... but I didn't have a problem with at all... She even applied some oil to the more sensitive areas so that the wax would adhere more to the hair than the skin.   Rhonda was super thorough and didn't rush AT ALL. She spent about 30 minutes getting every last hair.  I will DEFINITELY be back."P.S. Its cheap! $35 for a Brazilian... most places I researched were $60+

Vanessa L.
Hacienda Heights, CA

"Now, this is a review for their Brazilian Waxing ONLY.About a couple of months ago, I decided I'd try a Brazilian. I came across this place as a Facebook friend was promoting their grand opening specials. Given it was my first time, I was naturally FREAKING OUT about how much it was going to hurt (which it really did the first time, I cried a little)..Oh, and not to mention of how AWKWARD it was going to be having a stranger see you down there.After I got over it, I booked an appointment with Sameera, the owner, and because it was my first time, she let me know how it was going to go down. She told me, "the first time it hurts the most, but every time after that, it hurts less and less." Now, with the awkwardness of the procedure, was actually not awkward at all. We were joking around and she made me laugh so I felt comfortable. I was in and out of there within 15 minutes. I also felt NO PAIN after I left. It was if I didn't even get the wax. Sameera uses an aloe vera after the waxing.
Oh yeah, not to mention how cheap it is: $35, compared to many places that charge you $60+"

jen k.
Fullerton, CA

Friendly, fast service, and it was FREE for first time customers! Does it get any better??

Dulce M.
Anaheim, CA

"Went to get a facial on Saturday morning, highly recommend it. The girl (forgot her name) was amazing she really takes her time to see the condition of your skin and explain the what you need to do to take care of it and what she will be doing during your facial. Definitely will be going back for my facial."

Ashley H.
La Habra, CA

"sameera is freaking amazing. i've been coming to her for about 5 years. wherever she went i went! i recommend her to ALL my  she's amazing!"

Rikki T.
Fullerton, CA

"Great place. I came in for the first time customer free eyebrow threading. I forgot the name of who do it - something with an M - but she was great! Very thorough and took her time.  I will definitely come back, especially since eyebrow threadings are only 8 bucks!"

Melody L.
Rowland Heights, CA

"This place is really good for brazilian waxes. They charge $35.However, the latest time that I came here it wasn't Sameera so I don't know if something happened to her or what. But the other person who took over did just as good a job. I love that this place is really clean and they don't dip the popsicle stick back in the wax. They don't make the brazilian wax hurt, they do it really fast and they do it really nicely. They don't make me waddle when I'm done. Also their eyebrow threading is really cheap and they do a good job."

Ashley A.
Anaheim, CA
"I love Sameera & her staff!!! Ive been going to Sameera since i moved to Anaheim from Torrance and just today I found out shes opening a location at the Walmart in Torrance, so if im ever in the area since my family lives there, ill def go to her.service is on a personal level and SHE MAKES MY EYEBROWS LOOK BOMB!!!! her staff is excellent!"

Nichole C.
Artesia, CA
"Looking for a spa quality wax without paying the huge price tag? Then Sameera's is you place!!I came across this place and decided to try it out mostly because of all of the great reviews it received on Yelp and let me tell you - the reviews were right!Sameera was not only adorable, but super professional, clean (no double dipping of wax sticks and very efficient - I got a full Brazilian in less than 10 minutes! AND the best part is - it only cost $35! But wait there's more! I also needed an eyebrow threading and because it was my first time for threading at Sameera's it was FREE!!I really do give this place 5 stars and highly recommend."

Tara S.
Fullerton, CA
"a great place to get your eye brows threaded! walk in whenever and they have plenty of ladies working to get you in and out quickly.  i've had several girls work on my brows and i'm always pleased.  decent prices and lots of other services available"

Ching T.
Whittier, CA

"It took me almost the better part of 2010 to finally get my butt into Sameera's simply because:a) they're located in Fullerton/Brea area which I'm hardly inb) they book quickly so you have to call several days if not several weeks in advancec) I had to keep canceling in the past due to conflicting schedule changes. But I finally came into Sameera's this past weekend because my Groupon that I got way back in Feb '10 was finally expiring!! SERVICES:- Brazilian Wax                               5+++++++ Stars
THE EXPERIENCE:------------------My BRAZILIAN was done by Carrie and I'm a fan of her's for life after just this one experience and here's why:**** NO DOUBLE DIPPING.  All the wax applicators are just used once for sanitary reasons since they use the same wax pot for all their clients.  I've never come across this hygienic practice and I've paid as much as $75 for brazilians in the past.  **** She WORE GLOVES the entire time working on me. **** She applied ALMOND OIL on me before working on me. That must have made all the difference in the world because the pain and discomfort was minimized by a hundredfold.  I usually play games on my phone or talk up a storm to distract myself from tensing up, but not this time.  May I dare say? it was practically painless. ****She NEVER had me pull up on my own skin with my own hands while doing awkward yoga stretchy positions in the air with my legs.  This was one very dignified experience.  **** She had me lay down on a table top that was lined with a thin piece of disposable liner much like you'd find in a doctor's office.  When I got up to clean myself off and to get dressed, that lining was as clean as when I first laid down on it.  I couldn't even find traces of what she removed anywhere in the room or even in the trashcan which had a covered lid.  NOTE:   thing with the Brazilian service is that there are no tweezers or scissors allowed. So if you have ingrown hairs or need a trim (do it before you get there since you should be maintaining at home anyway), you're out of luck.  It's Sameera's rule since she's known as a threading place.  Funnily enough also that they don't follow up the waxing with threading as I've had that done at another establishment in Montebello, but that place's hygiene will make you cringe. Threading afterwards  would have been a nice insurance to make sure no stray ones got away. THE OVERALL:This 5+++ stars is for Carrie, and not necessarily for the facility. The facility itself is very clean and upscale for a strip mall location, but it's certainly not in the same category of salon as Burke Williams.  However, her attention to cleanliness is something I absolutely appreciate.  I'm a fan of Carrie for life and will follow her where ever she goes.  I've never come across an esthetician like her, and I've gone to eastern european ones on the shih shih westside even.  I can't believe how calm my skin in the, ahem, area was and still is after the procedure.  Carrie definitely is a top notch professional. Gotta love Groupon!! I paid probably $15 for a full Brazilian and eyebrow threading, else the Brazilian is normally $35. I got the lip threading since I was already there in the chair which was just an extra $4.   I'm so glad I finally got to Sameera so I could have met Carrie and walked out with one of the most painless, thorough and easiest Brazilians I've ever experienced in my life.  There's nothing like a happy and satisfied kitty! NOTE: Carrie is only there on Sundays and Mondays I believe. Sameera waxes on Saturdays and I'm assuming all other days of the week."

Ashley C.
Anaheim, CA

"I went in to Sameera's today after a friend of mine recommended it and I checked the Yelp reviews. I scheduled a Brazilian with Kari (Carrie?) and got a free threading since it was my first time.Kari was VERY personable and professional, and quick too! She put me completely at ease from the moment we stepped into her room. She was very clean, very quick, and very thorough. I didn't have to pull any of my skin or stay in any uncomfortable positions, and the end results looked great. Not only that, but she recommended some post-wax treatments to calm down my skin based on my hair type and gave me some tips for next time as well. I will DEFINTELY be asking for her again.The threading was very quick and very painful, but the results were lovely. I'm a blonde white girl, but the results were fantastic. The lady cleaned up my shape and did a little snipping of the longer hairs, and I have not had such a clean brow line EVER, even after waxing!All in all, I escaped with $45 for a brazilian and threading including the tips for Kari and the threader. A great deal and definitely worth the drive!"

vicki h.
Cerritos, CA

"I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time today :) Take advantage of the free threading promotion for first time customers! i will definitely return"

Joy D.
Santa Monica, CA

"Ok, how do you start reviewing a Brazilian wax?  I'll say this- Sameera herself made it as pleasurable an experience as could be.  She was very direct, yet humorous about the whole thing.  I was actually laughing during the wax, which is not the norm for me- I assure you.  She is truly awesome and I can't recommend her Brazilian enough!"

H. N.
Buena Park, CA

"Ladies! If you want a Brazilian wax done right, do yourself a HUGE favor and GO SEE SAMEERA! And if it's going to be your first time, this is the least painful experience you will have so like Sameera said to me "Suck it up" and you'll thank her for it! ;-)"

Review from N M.
Irvine, CA

"Wow Sameera is REALLY good at what she does. Had my first bikini wax ever and decided to come to Sameera based on other Yelp reviews. Her tact, patience and professionalism surprised me. Although it was beyond painful, Sameera's gentle touch soothed my fears and made it an overall great experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in a good Brazilian wax and eyebrow threading. And because of some special pricing going on that week, my wax was only $15 and my eyebrow threading was free!!!!

Kersten G.
Fullerton, CA

I went here for the first time today, and I absolutely loved it. Not is it only close to school, but it is also very affordable. On your first visit, they give you a free eyebrow threading. Every visit after that is $6. Their store is very large and clean. There are a lot of employees, and they got through five of us waiting within about five minutes. I was very pleased with the entire atmosphere and will be returning regularly."

Alysa Monèt R.
San Jose, CA

"WOW I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PLACE!!I'm from Northern California and am out this way for school so I was DESPERATLY searching for a place to get all my beauty needs taken care of (eye brows and brazilians.) After reading these reviews I was definitely curious to see what all the hype was about so I made my way over, it's a little hard to find because it's in a little nook in a strip mall/plaza thingy. [it's located right near Dollar Tree and Smart and Final] The first eye brow thread is free and I was totally impressed so I've gone back regularly (oh! and it's outrageously affordable) but today was my first time getting a brazilian wax at Sameera's.  One word: FANTASTICI've gotten many brazilian waxes before. My very first was a painful experience. It was a strip wax, took about 35 minutes and the pain hurt worse then the tattoo i had gotten on my ribs.
After that terrible experience I discovered a new waxing center that specializes in hard wax which I enjoyed a lot better than the strip wax. So when I moved out this way i was deeeeppplyyyyyy dreading having to resort back to the strip wax method and went to my appointment very nervous and fearful.
I'd go back everyday if I could. I got waxed by the lovely Sameera herself, who calmed me during the entire wax, walked me through every step in the process, she herself was amazing. But the whole waxing process was totalllllyyyyy painless (again, depends on your tollerance for pain and hair length, ect) and quick! Took all of 8 minutes and I'm not even red or sore.DON'T GOT ANYWHERE ELSE!! This place is seriously amazinggggggggg"

M T.
Los Angeles, CA
"Sameera is the best when it comes to taking care of your hooha.  She's an expert in "garden tending" and I always feel so CLEAN when I leave.  She's extremely sanitary (uses a new stick for each dip) and chats you up during the process to make it less uncomfortable.  She's really sweet and is a firm believer that we should NOT have hair down there!"

Vivi P.
Anaheim, CA
"I went to Sameera for my first time Brazilian. Since I've heard of all the horror stories when it comes to genital waxing (I'm a total crybaby), I got all nervous just making the appointment! I actually made mine on the day of and I was lucky enough that they had an opening slot right after I got off of work. Fast forward to 3:30 in the afternoon. I walked into a small but very clean store that you can tell was well maintained. Signing into the small reception table I only had to wait a few minutes before Sameera ushered me into the backroom.As soon as she closed the door, she told me to take off everything from the waist down. The whole time she chatted with me like I was an old time regular that's been going there for a long time. I didn't feel uncomfortable or painful at all and before I knew it, she was already done with everything! Quick, painless, spotless and no skin damage! Woot!My Brazilian cost $35 with $3. As I was walking out the store, she told me on how I should care for my now sensitive area and that I should book an appointment a month later to keep it well maintained. I've already recommended Sameera to a couple of my close girl ! The next time I come back, I'm definitely going to try out her facial + threading special for only $35.Go Sameera, you're a life saver!"

Tiffany Y.
Hacienda Heights, CA

"I LOVE SAMEERA!!1!!1!!111!1!1!11!!1+1=2!!!11!Oh yes, I do. :)This is only my 2nd time here, but I have never been back for 2nds anywhere else! I got here at 9:55 and waited in the car until Sameera switched on the OPEN sign. Signed in and sat. Me & another girl waited for a few mins because none of Sameera assistants have arrived yet. She was very apologetic and told us to watch her desk if she had to go to the back. Heeee, silly Sameera.Today, I got half leg wax + eyebrow threading. She performed a miracle on my out-of-place eyebrows. LAV IT DAHLING. Leg wax was slightly more painful this time, but probably cause Aunt Flo is barely packing up to leave. & as always, she double-checks for any strays and slaps on (not literally) some lotion for you after.Because of the "wait" my eyebrow threading was FREEEEE! I found it un-neccesary, but its Sameera afterall. LAV HER. & the smell of the bagel she had that morning. Mmmnomnom."


Hannah G.
Los Angeles, CA

"I went to Sameera's for my first ever brazilian wax.  Despite the pain, she made it quick and easy.  Sameera  is very nice and down-to-earth, and she doesn't try to pretend a wax down there doesn't hurt.  Instead, she talks you through the process, making it go by extremely fast.My second visit was even better.  Despite the wait, I still left from my 3:20 appointment by 3:40.  On top of the speed, a wax from Sameera is sanitary and longlasting.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Ndn B.
Torrance, CA
"I bought a groupon for $19 for Brazilian wax + eye brows. It was my first experience with Brazilian wax and hence i was mortified to say the least. But Sameera was very professional, clean and talked me thru the whole process. I would highly recommend her for Brazilian wax. I didn't get my eye brows done so I'm not too sure about the threading skills."

Shelena M.
Whittier, CA
"I am very picky about my brazilians and Sameera is one of the best I have been too and $35 for a full brazilian is not a bad price either. She is very clean and sanitary which is very important. Also she does not lie waxing hurts but she shows you how to pull your skin to minimize the pain, but it does not last long and I have been going there for a couple of months and no problems."

Angela W.
Brea, CA

"I'm pretty impressed. The quality of the waxing and threading reverberates throughout the salon and I've been back for seconds, thirds, fourths, etc. when I needed to get threaded and/or waxed. I made an appointment w/ Lindsey a week in advance for the $35 facial and eyebrow threading special. She was sweet and gave great tips on moisturizing and exfoliating. The facial lasted about 50 min and consisted of some moisturizing lotion, extraction, and a face mask.Afterwards, Sameera was a total doll and waxed me 10 minutes before her following appointment with a different client. I didn't have a reservation and I was extremely grateful. She did a great, clean job as usual :)
I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time in the 12th grade. Ever since then, I've never attempted…"

Amanda B.
Fullerton, CA

"EXCELLENT!!! The best part about this place is that I've had a different girl every time I come in and they are all exactly the same - PERFECT! I think that' s a good thing because if the shop is open, you know you can go in, rather then trying to fit into one specific girl's schedule because only she can do your eybrows. Everyone here is talented and you can tell they have been trained the same way to know what looks best with your face shape, etc. I don't even describe how I like them anymore I just sit down and they always look perfect. AND - it's $6!!! They also briefly had a manicurist that was excellent but her husband got orders from the army and she had to leave. My point in writing that was that clearly Sameera only hires high quality, talented individuals. LOVE IT. Trying to get brave enough to get a bikini wax here - I've heard Sameera is the best. But seriously, I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time and I just say - go to ANYONE at SAMEERA'S SALON! She really runs a great shop."

Ann L.
New York, NY
"When I saw that there was a Groupon for eyebrow threading and a brazilian wax for $19, I thought it was too good to be true. They're probably not going to spend too much time on me because I'm going to be spending less than half the price of the services. I couldn't be happier to be more wrong - services were excellent, the place was clean, and the receptionist at the front was all smiles. Someone else did my eyebrow threading, and Sameera did the wax. Although it wasn't completely pain free (I doubt that'll ever be possible), it was one of the least painful waxes that I've experienced. She was very friendly and patient, always asking if I needed breaks. I'm so glad I found this place! Even without the Groupon, the price of the wax is less than $50, which is absolutely unheard of in NY. I'm so excited to have found my new go-to place for my hair removal needs!"

Jennie Y.
Diamond Bar, CA
"I used to see Sameera when she was working for another salon in Brea. I followed her to Fullerton, and she's still amazing. First time Brazilian waxers? Sameera is really good, and will make it very quick for ya (but still does a great job).They were really busy for the long weekend, so I had to wait 30 minutes...she threw in an extra threading (upper lip & eyebrows) for me! What's not to love - excellent customer service & excellent job!"

Kaiskee B.
Anaheim, CA

"Always a pleasure visitng my favorite waxer :) this time I came in without any help from midol/advil. Quick and almost painless! Sameera, I love you"

Susan U.
San Diego, CA

"free eyebrow threading as a first-time client and afterwards, it's only $6. if you've only been getting your eyebrows waxed, you should consider threading. i had a friend with very sensitive skin from waxing, and when i convinced her to try threading, she's not going back to waxing. the most important thing - they are good!!!! very detailed and the least pain i've felt from threading. i've been to places where the eyebrow threaders left me with two different eyebrows. not here - they are extremely precise and will do your eyebrows exactly as you want."

j t.
Stockton, CA
"I went in there not knowing what to expect and left amazed...I was amazed at how sweet of a person Sameera is! I couldn't even imagine how someone is that kind and  and comforting during such an unpleasant and uncomfortable time lol. I was so nervous for the wax (you know what I'm talking about) & felt sooo uncomfortable. I was thinking what the hell am I doing & this was the first time in years that I got this done & was thinking probable the last!  she could tell how I felt & made me laugh and I felt at ease right away. There is no way I would go to anyone else now & I am going to be going for another appointment, which I thought it was going to be so bad I'd only do it once. I don't know what I'm going to do when I move!"

monica m.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
"I went to Sameera an hour ago for my first time and it was amazing! I got a brazillian and she did such a great job. it was super fast and not as painful. she had good techniques and was very nice and . Its  a great place and im definitely going again."

Melissa F.
Fullerton, CA

"Time to update my review... This place opened its own location about 8 months, and honestly, the prices are great as is service and the experience, but I did recently find out it depends on who you get. I've been going here for the past few months, and one of my most recent experiences was not great. I think she was in training because someone kept looking over her shoulder and even telling her to stay in the lines! Like the other reviews, yes, I haven't had the brow message and one even just gave me the wet cotton ball and I had to wipe myself. Call in advance and make sure Smita or Rita are there. I've had a few thread me, but these two are the best! No complaints, and they even walk you thru everything. Luckily I had them before going back when my brows were a disaster otherwise, I wouldn't be a frequent customer.

I went there for eyebrow threading. What more can you ask for, Great Service, FANTASTIC Prices!"

Bill S.
Fullerton, CA
"Visited Sameera with my friend after finding this place on YELP.   WOW what alot of great reviews and I see why.     At first I was just going to wait while my friend got some waxing.    However, I started chatting with Sameera (WHO is FANTASTIC and FRIENDLY) and I decided to get the first time customer free eyebrow threading.    My first experience ever with threading and it was great.   Fantastic place and if I could give it 6 stars I would. Specialties - Eyebrow Threading, Hair Cut, Men's Hair Cut, Nails, Manicure and Pedicure, Facial Threading, Full Face Threading, Waxing, Men's Waxing, Men's Facial, Facial, Henna (Mehendi), Bridal makeup (Make-up), Makeover, Updo, (Bridal Mehendi).Party Make-up."
2447 E. Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA   92831
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